How Power Norway honed the customer experience to the top in B2B e-commerce?

The online store hoped to improve payment security and the customer experience all at once. That's how the incredible trick was done!
  • March 23, 2022

The Power Bedrift online store sells technology and office supplies to businesses. In addition to its country of birth, the Danish-based electronics giant currently operates in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

When the Norwegian site needed a system to improve payment security, Enterpay rushed to the rescue. The goal was to protect the company from fraud and payment problems but at the same time provide customers with a smooth customer service experience.

This is how the work was successful.

Baseline and target

With the help of its partner Walley, Power offers its corporate customers the opportunity to pay for their orders with an invoice. 

Nordic and other European companies, in particular, prefer to pay by invoice instead of paying by credit card, as the invoice automatically contains all the information needed for business accounting, unlike a credit card payment receipt.

Power’s goal was to offer its corporate customers the opportunity to pay by invoice without having to register and log in to a separate system for this payment method.

The decision on the payment method is made in the background

Power aims to make the buying experience as fluid and seamless for customers as possible, and a big part of work happens in the background. The customer needs to leave the Power webshop interface only once: when he identifies himself using online bank user identifiers. 

Once the customer has typed in the business information, the system sends an interface request to verify whether the company is eligible to pay via invoicing. 

For the customer, the shopping experience is extremely easy and smooth and he stays in the interface all the time. However, based on the results of the interface requests, the system will be able to deduce whether products can be sold on this invoice to this customer.

If the answer is no, the invoice as a method of payment will not even be shown to the customer. The customer also does not need to log in to another system, such as the billing partner’s website, to receive this information.

Identity and Business Relationship Verification

The next interface query is made when the buyer fills in their name and address information. At this stage, the system checks whether the buyer has a sufficiently close relationship with the company and the right to make purchases on its behalf.

If the customer does not meet the specified criteria, he will only be offered a prepayment or card payment method. The customer does not feel missed anything or being disappointed: he or she really chooses from the options available.

“Everything is always going well for the buyer,” sums up Jarkko Anttiroiko, CEO of Enterpay.

Last step: The customer chooses invoicing as the payment method and accepts the offer with the help of his online bank user identifiers. The whole process is handled quickly in one user interface. Billing information is sent to a partner, in this case, Walley, who handles the billing.

For Power the implementation is extremely simple. The whole process is taken in charge by interface queries to Enterpay. The invoicing details are sent to Walley, the invoicing partner, who takes care of sending the invoice.

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