Fellow Finance and Enterpay in collaboration

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Fellow Finance and Enterpay are partnering in development of user friendly payments for B2B trade.
  • October 20, 2021

Fellow Finance and Enterpay have begun cooperation, within the framework of which an agreement will be signed on the provision of services Enterpay Invoice for Business will be transferred to Fellow Finance by the end of October 2021, the future bank – Fellow Bank. The terms and price of the agreement remain unchanged due to the transfer of the agreement.

Fellow Finance is the leading crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending service in the Nordic countries, and one of its main strategy focuses on expanding its product range with new payment services. According to the company’s view, the number of installment payments for online purchases of companies will increase significantly in the future. In addition, in the e-commerce world, it is important that the merchant is able to serve both individuals and businesses, and Fellow Finance wants to make this possible by providing access to finance for both customer groups.

Natural choice for Fellow Finance

Choosing Enterpay as a partner for B2B e-commerce payments is a natural choice for Fellow Finance as Enterpay is a pioneer in Finland in developing a user-friendly invoicing and confirmation service. In the future, competition will focus on improving usability and validation of purchases in a more automated direction, and the Enterpay platform will be an excellent springboard to continue this process.

Going forward, Fellow Finance will serve Enterpay’s commercial customers and, in partnership with Enterpay, will offer the most convenient and advanced invoicing service on the market, Fellow Corporate Invoice, for cross-business payment transactions when shopping online.

Fellow Finance Plc is a crowdfunding and peer-to-peer loan service. The mission of the company is to transform traditional financing and payments directly between people and businesses. Fellow Finance has provided more than € 800 million in consumer and corporate finance in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, serving over 950,000 clients. The company is licensed by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority as a payment institution and is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.