Enterpay and Bambora join forces to guarantee smoother online payments for B2B merchants

Finnish fintech company Enterpay deepens collaboration with long-term partner Bambora. The companies’ shared mission is to make the B2B online customer experience as easy and quick as possible.
  • July 13, 2020

The Finnish fintech company Enterpay has entered into a deeper partnership with its long-time partner Bambora.

Enterpay and Bambora’s partnership dates back to 2015, and to this day, Enterpay’s invoicing payment option has been an option for all Bambora clients in Finland. But now the companies want to offer an even more fluent payment process for B2B online merchants: Enterpay’s invoicing option is now the default option on Bambora PayForm’s wall.

“Our goal is to provide tools for our merchants to run their online business smoothly. As more and more B2B merchants are entering the B2B online environment, the demand for invoicing services tailored to B2B customers is increasing tremendously,” says Markus Salminen, head of Bambora PayForm.

Can we do more?

Typically, many e-commerce merchants that sell to other businesses suffer from slow sales and purchase processes. However, most buyers want to pay using an invoicing option, and they want it to happen as quickly and effortlessly as on B2C platforms.

This creates new challenges to sellers, who want to meet all their clients’ needs and dreams but without taking any risks on their own side.

Therefore, the company executives concluded that the process is not smooth enough for their clients. They agreed on an improved collaboration model that offers the invoicing option as the default option on Bambora PayForm’s wall.

“In online commerce, small things matter, and having solutions that are easy for the end user can make all the difference in the competitive B2B e-commerce landscape”, says Enterpay’s CEO Jarkko Anttiroiko.

Say hello to better conversion

The collaboration is already yielding results, says Bambora’s Salminen.

“Working closely with Enterpay, we have been able to increase our merchants’ conversion and open up the route for them to new B2B markets. We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with Enterpay in the future!”